Messages to the Heart, a Gorgeous Inspirational Book

Messages to the Heart, is a gorgeous inspirational coffee table book, born from an organic pairing of one couple’s passion: Elise’s thoughtful, healing pastel paintings paired with Phil’s mindful philosophy derived from years of coaching clients to success. Together, they bring a visceral expression of everyday inspiration brought together through art and words. Readers will feel touched, inspired and reminded of their “ah-ha” moments of truth and beauty in their own lives. Not just a beautiful art book, Messages to the Heart is also a tool that readers can use again and again to pull themselves through life’s challenges. The book is 82 pages with 37 reproductions of Elise’s original paintings.

We were thrilled to be on ABC News talking about Messages to the Heart:

“Messages to the Heart Beckons You to Open its Pages”, as reviewed in Rapid River Magazine, Asheville’s oldest and most read Arts and Culture Magazine.

Messages to the Heart contains spectacular images and words that will touch you, move you and maybe even encourage you.”                                       - The Laurel of Asheville


“Messages to the Heart is so inspirational and makes a beautiful gift for anyone. Buy a few today and I promise, you will be giving them out for years to come. The book includes reflections on following your heart, unity, love, optimism, transformation, awareness and empowerment. Each passage and its associated piece of artwork speaks directly to the readers soul.”

- Diane Moore, Founder Striving for More, Inc. Childhood Cancer Support

“The thing about books is that reading them slows us down. “Messages to the Heart” does this effectively, and stills the reader’s mind through the beautiful melding of words with images. As a couple, Elise & Phil blend their passions into a curated collection of uplifting imagery and text. Their inspiring message is a powerful reminder of how to stay grounded in life.”

- Heather Allen, Heather Allen

‘I received my copy of Messages to the Heart yesterday in the mail. Thank you Phil & Elise for who you are, and inspiring so many with your creativity and spiritual insights! This is one “coffee table book” that I will keep close at hand, probably on the bedside table – I love it! This was the best Christmas present I’ve ever bought myself.” 

- Allison Anthony, Meredith College