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Feel The Warmth Of Possibility

Feel The Warmth Of Possibility

Feel The Warmth Of Possibility

The power of creative expression to move people, to create positive change is something that I strongly believe in, and try to practice. Whether it is using visualization and original meditative music in coaching, making presentations and writing, I am always striving to move others to create positivity and fulfillment in their lives. This theme of creative expression to move others is also very much alive in my family. It is in my wife, Elise Okrend’s beautiful healing pastel art, and my son, singer songwriter Jordan Okrend’s soulful music. Jordan has just released a video of one of his songs, “Go My Way”, an original song that tells a story about seeing possibilities and positivity in life when things seem the contrary.

Is creative expression something that you could bring out more in your life, to touch others with, and that would give you greater fulfillment? “Feel the warmth of possibility” as Jordan sings in his song, and imagine what gifts you have that are wanting to come out.

Take a listen and watch Jordan’s video filmed in and around the subways of New York City. 

There is a notion of optimism that is present and true even as you may face difficulties or obstacles in reaching your goals. It is what my son, Jordan sings about in his song and video, and it is a theme that runs through our coffee table book, Messages to the Heart, Reflections of Beauty and Truth.

Take a look at the art and read the passage below. I hope it gives you pause to reflect and understand your own power, and what is really true.



What is it to radiate love? What is it to radiate peace? Let the clouds of illusion lift from your eyes and see that all the fears you thought were real were just distractions from you realizing your strength, your beauty, your purpose. Allow a sense of trust to rise above and lead you to a better way. The illusions you thought were real will crumble as you stop giving them power. They will melt away and you will see the path. Follow the sun and if you don’t see it right away, feel your way there, listen and trust. It will get brighter. It will get warmer.

landscape08Lake Fontana Pastel Painting by Elise Okrend

Phil Okrend, June 10, 2015