Reviews From Readers

RickVia“Phil and Elise Okrend are a partnership of grace, beauty and inspiration. Elise is a talented artist who captures the wonder of creation through her pastels. Phil is a gifted writer and speaker who knows how to communicate words of encouragement, hope and vision. Together, this delightful couple will help to focus the God given talents that lie within you. Read and be blessed.”

- Rick Via, President/Founder Rick Via World Reach Partnerships

DianeMoore“Messages to the Heart is filled with short love letters that speak directly to my soul. Each passage reminds me that every experience I have had (even the painful) has shaped me into the person that I am today – a genuine, loving human being with a purpose that can shine light and love into the world around me. The beautiful artwork allows your memories to take flight by providing a captivating and serene framework for the passage. This is a book that I will return to frequently and will be a go to gift for those who need to be uplifted.

- Diane Moore, Founder Striving for More, Inc., Childhood Cancer Support

SenkaHuskicThere comes a time in our lives when we need to reconnect with our inner self in order to gather all our strength to face our difficulties. The Okrends’ amazing work was able to provide that bridge to my soul. On many occasions it seems that Phil’s words of inspiration are painted in Elise’s magnificent pictures.


- Senka Huskic, Boston, MA


I absolutely love my book. Phil and Elise are an amazingly talented duo. I will forever treasure this beautiful book…Phil’s wonderfully insightful messages which accompany Elise’s incredible works of art. Everyone should have a copy of this unique book. I was so happy to give it as gifts to several very special people in my life who were equally thrilled to receive it. Thank you both for creating something so very precious!

- Lee Melomo, Raleigh, NC