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A Winter Reflection

I was speaking with a friend today who had gone through some trying times recently.  He had been in a car accident and was dealing with the breakup of a relationship. He said that he felt overwhelmed and wasn’t sure how he was going to handle it all.  As we spoke a bit, he talked about some previous challenges, and he realized that he had gotten through it all. The challenges had actually brought him to a better place.  He just he didn’t know it at the time. Our conversation made me think of the below passage from our book, Messages To The Heart.

If you could see your life as a perpetual place of learning and growth, then you can see that all your perceived setbacks, misfortunes, accidents, betrayals are merely signs to help you pay attention to what you haven’t been paying attention to. When you take the time to reflect, you will be able to learn and grow. When you react to a perceived negative occurrence, you just continue that pattern. Open your eyes to a new way of seeing life because as you change your mind, you change your life.

In the book, the above passage is paired with Elise’s painting, Winter Morning.  It is during the winter that one can reflect within the stillness and quiet of it all. It can be a time to absorb some of those greater lessons that can move us forward.  Life is always pushing us forward to our greatest growth. Do you agree?


Welcome to the Messages to the Heart Blog

1530336_402620499868113_1546710253_nWelcome to the New Blog for Messages to the Heart, Reflections of Beauty and Truth. The book was conceived from our passion to inspire and uplift others through a creative pairing of art and words. Just released on December 15th, 2013, Messages to the Heart is making its way into the hearts and homes of readers.  We invite you to share your comments about how the book speaks to you, what touches you, the paintings and the words. How does it influence the way you can see making positive change in your life?

Starting this blog with purpose. What is your purpose?  Here is an excerpt from our book from the Chapter, Reflections on Following Your Heart:

Each one of us has a purpose, a destiny. We each have a time when that purpose will manifest. You can not choose that time, that time chooses you. It is your job to recognize when that time is calling you. You can not prematurely put your actions into motion when the time isn’t right, for then it is just your ego wanting control. Listen for the time, and then act. You will know when it is time. 



What does this passage and art evoke in you?

Original pastel painting titled San Miguel by Elise,