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Living From Purpose, Thoughts On Wayne Dyer

Living From Purpose, thoughts on Wayne Dyer

We had the privilege to lead another Messages to the Heart Book Salon at Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe this past week.  In a way, it was a tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer who just passed. The passages that were covered from our book were From Reflections on Following your Heart, Feeling Alive and Purpose. Dr. Dyer possessed those qualities. His words, what he expressed is how we desire to live, unencumbered by fear or doubt, learning to tune into your callings, finding your purpose and ultimately using your gifts to serve others. We carried a bit of Wayne Dyer’s spirit with us at the Book Salon and the discussions were moving. It almost felt like he was joining us around the table, smiling and nodding.

One of the passages we shared was on Purpose. The passage is paired with Elise’s dramatic pastel, San Miguel.  The passage reads as follows:

Each one of us has a purpose, a destiny. We each have a time when that purpose will manifest. You can not choose that time, that time chooses you. It is your job to recognize when that time is calling you. You cannot prematurely put your actions into motion when the time is not right, for then it is just your ego wanting control. Listen for the time, and then act. You will know when it is time.


San Miguel, Original Pastel by Elise Okrend.

I know that Dr. Dyer would agree that we all have a purpose, and as we truly listen, that purpose will manifest and happen in the right time.  We treasure the time that Wayne Dyer was with us on this planet. We are all better off for his ability to truly live his purpose and share that purpose with so many.  Thank you Dr. Dyer for all.


Messages to the Heart Book Salon at Malaprops Books & Cafe

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